Ability Profiling


Build a picture of seafarer skills and psychometric abilities

Ability Profiling (APRO) is designed to give you objective insights into how candidates are likely to react in safety-critical situations.

APRO reveals the individual’s ability to cooperate in teams, along with identifying personal strengths and individual potential.

Objective data can predict employee success. The purpose of the APRO test is to support the recruitment and promotion process by measuring different types of abilities of a candidate.

Ability profiling is not about assessing maritime competence. It is intended to assess the personal abilities considered important for effective performance.

APRO is a psychometric test developed by and for the maritime industry

Hire the right person and protect against

APRO test

APRO tests three ability areas which are believed to be the most important for performance onboard a vessel.

Identify different abilities of each candidate and present a measurement of their abilities so that specific strengths and weaknesses can be understood.

Gain vital information about candidates and identify their ability to:

  • Understand information
  • Make the right decision in a timely and effective manner

Good reaction and decision making abilities are crucial and might mean the difference between an accident or a near miss when working onboard a vessel.

APRO tests three key ability areas

1. Ability to perceive information

2. Ability to process information

3. Ability to initiate actions & decisions

APRO methodologies

APRO is fundamentally all about the measure of speed versus accuracy and consists of seven subtests that focus on mental abilities


Raven, BIF, FiCi


Nufi, Hands


FiDr, Dots

Want to be come an APRO Assessor? To ensure proper evaluation of candidates it is mandated that the company sends at least one person to a one-day APRO Assessor course held by Ocean Technologies Group. This person can then act as an APRO Assessor for the company.

Ready to build a better picture of your seafarers’ abilities?

Download the APRO brochure to find out more about the benefits of ability profiling.

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