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Unparalleled breadth and quality of content

We offer the most comprehensive library of maritime blended learning content ever assembled, with the full spectrum of learning needs covered.

We take a blended approach to content, including e-learning, videos for group viewing, interactivity in assessments and exercises to test the application of knowledge.

Ocean Technology Group can also extend your library with company specific material that you want to distribute, build e-learning to your requirements, and you can even design your own material using our Rapid E-Learning authoring tool.

Over 800 blended learning titles comprising of

  • E-learning and distance learning courses with a route to flag approved certification
  • Reflective Learning videos for individual group training
  • Learning games, micro learning and VR to engage the new generation of seafarers

Premium content

Our premium content line is aimed directly at engaging the new generation of seafarers.

It includes gamified content, play-through scenarios and micro-learning to push training to the limit.

Harnessing the power of gaming techniques and interactive storytelling we are able to create situations in which the learner is required to apply their knowledge. This leads to deeper learning experiences that stick and are easier to retain.

Certified Maritime Training Courses

Cost effective way of gaining documentary evidence and meeting certification requirements.

Our courses consist of one or more e-learning titles and may contain supplementary activities such as workbook, practical exercises and project work that must be completed in order to obtain the certificate.

Our courses are in compliance with the current rules and regulations and the majority are approved by several major flag states.

Successful completion of the course will lead to either a course diploma, documentary evidence or a certificate of proficiency.

Subject to flag requirements, courses can be taken onboard or ashore and the process is quality assured by our courses team and audited by flag and class. Please check individual course requirements.

Secure and scalable to suit the needs of your fleet

Fully connected technology that works wherever it needs to. We believe training should be available anytime, anywhere and at the point of need.

We don’t rely on connectivity but where we have it, we use it effectively using our automated data exchange and extensive APIs providing secure connections to your data.

Secure & GDPR compliant

Scalable to any fleet size

Training wherever you are

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Keeping ships moving with digital courses and certification

Keeping ships moving with digital courses and certification

Keeping ships moving with digital courses and certificationThe pandemic has had a significant impact on classroom-based training and has seen e-learning playing a far larger part in the training schedules of seafarers. With many attended courses suspended, training...

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Unparalleled breadth and quality of content. We offer the most comprehensive library of maritime blended learning content ever assembled.
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