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Your comprehensive view of crew competence

Human error is by far the largest contributing factor in reported accidents, with over 90% of all incidents being traced back to the human element.

The rate at which new standards, procedures and technology are being introduced mean it is harder than ever to track, report on and grow crew competency levels.

Our Competency Management System enables our customers to demonstrate their commitment to safety and continuing professional development, and it also helps to shape a positive work culture and encourage efficient operations.

The Competency Management System is the perfect tool to demonstrate a quality assured system to third party stakeholders and meet charterer requirements, particularly for tankers (TMSA, OVMSA).

Implementing a competency management system will give you insights into your crews’ current levels of competency and help you to build a cross-organisation picture of where any shortfalls are. With this information as a foundation, you can then work with employees to fill in the gaps and develop a path for growth and progression.

“We implemented OTG’s CMS as we wanted the competencies procedures for our crews, it was not just a compliance tool for all major requirements. It was a real value-add for our staff.”

Ocean Technologies Group Customer

Improving your people and performance

With your best crew members aspiring to take on more responsibility and move through the ranks, you need a way to assess their current ability levels and plot a path for improvement and growth in a way your employees will feel a part of and invest in.

Our competency management system enables you to see and drill down into the skill levels of your people at an individual, or crew level, or even right across your whole fleet, helping you to build a culture of accountability and continuous improvement across your organisation.

Why are the world’s leading maritime companies investing in CMS?

  • To identify competency gaps, prioritise and fast-track essential learning
  • To ensure they can consistently evaluate, reward and retain their best employees
  • To ensure accountability and credibility of the evaluation process
  • To easily demonstrate that they meet third-party standards such as TMSA and SIGTTO

Building competency with Ocean CMS

At Ocean Technologies Group, we have a proven track record of helping world leading companies build up the knowledge and skills of their teams through our Competency Management System.

“Competence is the knowledge, skills and attitude utilised to fulfil a defined role, safely and successfully to a defined standard.”


“We utilise the CMS for verifying the competence of our officers through a mutually developed system which sets the competence requirement to be achieved at each rank before a seafarer can be promoted. We need to know that our people are ready.”

Ocean Technologies Group Tanker Customer

CMS as a tool to improve safety

Our Competency Management System enables our customers to demonstrate their commitment to safety and continuing professional development, and it also helps to shape a positive work culture and encourage efficient operations.

The Competency Management System is the perfect tool to demonstrate a quality assured system to your third party stakeholders and show that you meet charterer requirements, particularly for tankers (TMSA, OVMSA)


  • Improved professional competence and confidence in your crew
  • Improved crew and vessel performance across your fleet
  • Reduced costs, risks and accidents due to higher competency levels
  • Crews that are inspired, motivated and accountable for their success

Competent crew are becoming ever more difficult to recruit and motivate, and even harder to keep.

Developing your personnel not only contributes to improved safety, efficiency and reduced risk, it also increases your chances of attracting and retaining quality employees. Having a CMS in place is a clear indication that you place a high value on competency and career progression.

Why choose Ocean CMS?

  • We provide bespoke implementations, tailored to your business needs
  • We offer a phased approach, allowing you to start small, and scale up as you see the need
  • We are pioneers in competency management and have the experience to help navigate you from CMS implementation through to success.

All the content you need to get started today

“LITE” recommended competencies based on frequent findings by port State (Paris MOU and Tokyo MOU) and VIQ from SIRE, ideal to get you started on your competency journey

Common “CORE” competencies for all vessel types

Industry competency standards for different vessels: Container, Bulk, Offshore, Oil, Chemical and Gas, including competency standards developed by INTERTANKO, SIGTTO and ISF

Company specific competency frameworks

Want to find out more about our competency content packs?

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