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Crew Management System



Crew management: On Shore. On board. In the cloud.


Anyone can buy good steel, it’s the people that make a difference to your commercial success.

With an increasing focus on the wellbeing of our seafarers and shore-based teams, it is essential to get maritime HR right.

COMPAS is the most comprehensive maritime HR platform in the world today, meeting the crew management needs of any ship manager, offshore oil, gas, and alternative energy operator.

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The platform leverages cloud technology and smart digitised workflows to manage all aspects of maritime HR in as few clicks as possible, minimising the administrative workload on your shore-based and onboard teams. With its unrivalled expertise and depth of modular tools, applications and flexible cloud-based approach, it’s easy to see why COMPAS continues to be the Crew Management System of choice to some of the world’s most successful ship operators.
An extensive and extendable personnel database

Your people are your greatest asset and we make it possible to stay on top of their vital information. Past and current voyages, bio-data certificates, seaman’s book, medical and training records and all other crew related data is structured and standardised. Our inbuilt business logic makes sense of complex operations such as crew-change, making it easy to plan and perform vital compliance checks against the requirements or flag, owner or equipment manufacturer.


Dashboard driven reporting

Our exemplary user experience is built on first-hand knowledge of the needs of crewing teams. We provide you with intuitive dashboards and business intelligence tools that help you make sense of your information, with reports that allow you to drill down for sharper focus. We also know the importantance of being able to share information with your stakeholders, so provide the capability to generate spreadsheets and even Power Point presentations dynamically in a single click.

“Ever since we implemented the COMPAS crew management system, we have never worked more efficiently when it comes to managing all aspects of our crewing resources. Their dedicated support team made it extremely easy and enjoyable for us to learn and utilise the system which has become crucial in our daily tasks.”

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Integrated payroll that reduces room for error

Managing an international workforce can be logistically challenging. Dealing with multiple wage scales, collective bargaining agreements, different tax regimes, accounts and cost centres, can be a time-consuming business that requires accuracy and compliance at all times. Our integrated payroll system is designed to alleviate that burden, by being highly configurable, enabling the automation of process, and directly integrating with your financial system.

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Fully protected

Our insurance application provides comprehensive coverage on crew related liability, including P&I insurance, crew accident coverage, sickness, disability compensation, and medical expenses.

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Integrated travel with built-in cost benchmarking

Crew change has never been more challenging and crewing teams need to get people to and from international locations, often at short notice.

Our integrated travel system, with integrated crew-change management, simplifies corporate travel with API integrations to multiple travel agents, airport identification and accounting integration that issues POs and provides a full audit trail. It even allows you to compare multiple providers and the use of historic information for real time cost anaysis. Through an aggregated view of this data, crewing teams have an unbiased benchmark to evaluate quotations against.

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We’ve got insurance covered

With IMO (MLC) requirements on seafarers’ protection and repatriation, as well as the ongoing exposure to piracy and terrorism, COMPAS provides tools for identifying and calculating exposure to risk.


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“COMPAS is a game changer for us in our day-to-day crew management tasks. Everything is made easy within a few clicks, from storing our personnel database to enhancing our crew-change management. They provide a quality solution and have great people in place to help you achieve your business goals.”

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Freeing vessel leadership from administration

A ship’s master is selected for their leadership and seafaring skills, not their ability to check receipts and shuffle spreadsheets. Through the automation of document transfer and links between crewing, finance and HR, leadership teams aboard ship are freed from administration and enabled to perform the critical roles they are employed for.

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Crew self-service fit for a remote workforce


We provide your crew with a self-service portal that allows them to manage their data onboard, at home or anywhere in the world they might be via a dedicated crew mobile app.

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Cloud-first scalability


Being cloud-first since inception. COMPAS offers peace of mind that your data and systems are safe from disruption, with secure back-ups and efficient, professionally managed global infrastructure. Using our systems in the cloud means not having to run your own infrastructure, therefore reducing your capital overheads and operations expenditure, and providing you with the ability to scale up and down as your business requires.

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Services that support


We understand that implementation of business-critical systems can be complex. That’s why we offer an array of supporting services to ensure a smooth transition. Our team of specialists are there to assist every step of the way, whether it is data migration, best practice consultancy, training and onboarding or ongoing maintenance and support, we have you covered.

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Some of the organisations we work with

Contact us today to find out how COMPAS can remove your administrative burdens, through giving you advanced planning, execution and reporting tools that maximise efficiency and give you more time to support the personnel you manage.

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