English language testing

Confidence in crew communications

Vessels today commonly operate mixed nationality crews: under the IMO STCW Convention, all crew members must be able to communicate effectively in English.

A standardised English language testing procedure for seafarers is therefore a necessary part of recruiting and managing mixed nationality crews on all vessel types.

Flag-recognised English language testing

English language is often a second or third language among seafarers and communication errors are a leading factor in vessel incidents.

We can assist by providing Flag-recognised, consistent, convenient and cost-effective English language testing of your seafarers.

We also recommend standards on English language testing to meet your company’s crewing and training needs.

As the leading provider of Maritime English testing, we can benchmark your results based on international averages to give you and your crew the confidence in their skills.

“Crew of all ranks require an English language level appropriate to their position but this can be overlooked during crews’ career development, from recruitment to promotion in rank.”

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Good English language skills are vital for team communication and wellbeing

Assessment modules

Marlins online testing

  • Designed for the maritime industry
  • Easily implemented and managed
  • Send English Language Tests to your crew anywhere in the world
  • Immediate test results
  • Separate test content for Seafarers, Cruise ship staff and Offshore staff

Marlins approved testing

  • Same test content as Marlins Online Testing, but taken at our global network of Approved Test Centres
  • Send your crew to take an approved Marlins English Language test under supervision
  • Results recognised by flag states including UK MCA

Marlins Test of Spoken English (TOSE)

  • Tests crew members’ communication skills
  • We train your Crew Managers to use Test of Spoken English TOSE
  • Available at select Approved Test Centres

Ready to build crew communication with English language testing?

Download the Marlins English Language brochure to find out more about the benefits of assessment.

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