Design and deploy fast and efficient e-learning

With our Rapid E-Learning tool you can now create, review and publish e-learning materials using your PowerPoint, PDF files and video, quickly and efficiently.

Management can now distribute crucial information throughout the organisation and measure progress.

Respond to an urgent need to deliver training with Rapid E-Learning

Drive compliance with trackable content

Rapid E-Learning’s simple authoring tool creates trackable e-learning at pace, enabling companies to promote critical information on the subjects that matter the most.

With our online authoring tool, multi-choice test questions can be added easily in order to test the crew’s understanding of the topic, giving companies the ability to respond to urgent training needs.

E-learning materials that are created can be targeted to individuals, groups, or the company as a whole, whilst tracking engagement every step of the way.

  • Respond to incident lessons and run safety campaigns
  • Reduce development time and costs
  • Turn face-to-face sessions into scalable e-learning
  • Target users, track usage and progress
  • Communicate company strategy
  • Create new joiner induction
  • Unlock the power of subject matter experts
  • Test comprehension of fleet circulars
  • Roll out policy changes

Rapid E-Learning in 5 easy steps

1. Prepare material

2. Create e-learning content & assessment

3. Add enrolments

4. Distribute

5. Track results

Rapid E-Learning Distribution

Reach your seafarers wherever they are

When the content is published it can be viewed immediately in your online training library and can be prepared for distribution to vessels.


  • Immediately available online
  • Download and distribute e.g. over USB

Ready to distribute your e-learning content to crews wherever they are?

Download the Rapid E-Learning brochure to find out more about the benefits of trackable content, delivered at pace.

Best of breed learning platform

All the tools you need to plan, manage, deliver and report on your training onshore and across the fleet.

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