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Transitioning from compliance to performance

Author: Caspar Atkinson

The past few years have seen the maritime industry work harder at optimising their operations, whether this pertains to fuel consumption and emissions, port calls or even equipment maintenance. At Ocean Technologies Group, our primary goal is to evolve in step with our customers in order to meet their needs as these emerge. It should thus come as no surprise that our new Ocean Learning Platform is designed to provide an optimised eLearning and training experience and ensure the maximum return on the most important investment: time.

The new platform, which launches in January 2021, brings together the best of Seagull and Videotel in a single offering that personalises the learning experience and bridges specific gaps in knowledge. The Ocean Learning Platform moves away from a compliance-based approach that focuses on hours spent training, towards a targeted, tailored approach that achieves the desired outcome for our customers – whether they are ship operators looking to boost awareness across the entire company, or individual seafarers working towards specific qualifications.


Company benefits

Companies using the Ocean Learning Platform will be able to optimise their training efforts and boost crew engagement with the help of three special product features:

  • Pulse surveys: This survey tools replaces mass emails and onerous forms, and is ideally suited to generate feedback loops that can inform your training approach. Administrators are able to put together surveys about specific topics (such as health and welfare, morale on vessels, etc) for the whole fleet or even individual vessels. The data from the responses is sent into a central reporting system for analysis in order to facilitate meaningful change on an organisational level.
  • Performance Appraisal: The new system offers digitalised assessment tools that replace paper forms and make it much easier for assessors and and those they assess to document the appraisals and upload them to the company’s systems. By having this information available online as part of a seafarer’s permanent record, this tool increases the transparency and efficiency of the assessment process.
  • Rapid E-Learning: This adaptive learning tool is perhaps one of the most important features of the new platform as it allows customers to quickly create elearning modules specific to the needs of their company  that can be uploaded into the platform and activity and assessment details be tracked just like any other e-learning title in their library. This tool is the ideal way to address issues or an incident on a specific vessel and can also be shared across the fleet to demonstrate positive action and reduce risk. By using the system to create the new content, share it across the fleet and verify crew engagement and compliance, Rapid E-Learning reduces any latency between a crew manager disseminating information and the global working towards a positive outcome.


Integrated people management

 Creating simple views of  this information not only gives administrators the ability to benchmark individuals across the company and identify the effectiveness of any training in developing competencies, but it can also help them identify employees that require additional support prior to this becoming evident in dangerous situations. It is ideal for risk management.

The system can also be used to identify if specific individuals are close to qualifying for the next rung on the career ladder, and these employees can be offered the opportunity to gain those skills and prove their ability to take on more responsibility. Fast tracking career paths and rewarding skill development is an extremely useful tool to boost crew morale and can be invaluable for seafarer retention and the fact that Ocean Learning Platform is compatible with the HR systems used by most companies via APIs, means that training information can be integrated with personnel records to gain the complete picture.

Optimised Approach

We have put our energy and resources into ensuring that the new Ocean Learning Platform is capable of delivering the optimal learning experience for our users. By making the leap from the traditional, compliance-based approach to one that rewards high-performance, we believe that keep pace with the evolving needs of modern seafarers and their discerning employers – and that the results will speak for themselves.

If you would like to know more about the various benefits that the new Ocean Learning Platform can bring your company, please contact us

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