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Enjoy the benefits of Digital Delivery

What is Digital Delivery?

Digital Delivery is an upgrade to your OLP subscription that enables lightning-fast delivery of training materials and updates to your vessels.

This new functionality allows you to automatically synchronise ship and shore, empowering shore teams with an accurate and up-to-date picture of what is happening on board.

Digital Delivery can eliminate dependence on hardware and physical logistics for updates although it can still be used in tandem with your existing processes for getting updates to and from vessels.

Digital Delivery also provides ship-by-ship visibility of the updates that have been made and what is outstanding, giving users the ability to prioritise and schedule updates.

Benefits of Digital Delivery

Faster updates

With Digital Delivery, content updates are made ‘on-the-fly’ over the air whenever connectivity allows so you can be assured that your content is consistently up-to-date across your fleet.

Your crews receive the most timely, relevant information and can complete their training just-in-time rather than just-in-case.

You can also distribute mission-specific learning whenever required, so that your crew only need to train for the equipment and situations they will encounter rather than for every eventuality, reducing the time spent on unnecessary training and allowing them to focus on the job at hand. 

Content is updated without the need to bring hardware or USB sticks on board.


Seamless Synchronisation

Digital Delivery ensures that the records you see in the office exactly match the onboard activity.

Automatic synchronisation provides an accurate picture of training performance against plans, enabling you to monitor and make adjustments in near real-time. Setting new requirements or adjusting plans is quick and easy, whether that is for an individual, a vessel, or for your entire fleet.

There is no need to rely on periodic data dumps, and you can be assured that what you see on screen in your office is an accurate representation of training performance.

You can identify anomalies and distribute plans or campaigns to correct issues quickly, keeping your crews performing at optimal levels.

Complete visibility and control

You have complete visibility and control of the updates scheduled and underway for your OTG products.

You can choose which content and or software updates to prioritise and can easily see which updates have been delivered – and when.

The Digital Delivery dashboard gives you the ability to push through company notices and company-authored content to quickly get critical information or procedures out to where they are needed.

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Always up-to-date and secure

Digital Delivery gives you the confidence that your systems are always running the most up-to-date versions of software, with critical fixes being made ‘on-the-fly’ over the air whenever connectivity allows.

This enhancement also improves security, as Digital Delivery removes the need for your crew to introduce a 3rd party USB sticks into your onboard setup.

You can abide by your “no USB” policy without requesting special exception for your Crew, Fleet or Learning solutions.


Enables Autonomy and Agility

Through Digital Delivery, your authorised teams are empowered to turn software modules on or off and enable or disable the learning content on specific vessels or across the fleet- without the need for new hardware.

Your teams can be more autonomous and agile while remaining within the bounds of company policies.

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There are no additional costs to your business for this service.

We are anticipating high demand for this new functionality.  Fill in the form below to confirm your interest and secure the earliest installation date or to find out more and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Guides to OTG Digital Delivery

We’ve created two guides for you to download and keep or share with your colleagues.  One is especially suited to your CTO/IT Lead showing the benefits of Digital Delivery to them so please feel free to pass this guide to them.

Digital Delivery- the Training perspective

Digital Delivery- the IT perspective

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