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Latest additions to the Ocean Learning Library

Training library updates Q4 2023

The final update to the Ocean Learning Library for 2023 sees 83 new or updated titles, the addition of new partner content for inspection preparation, and a brand-new, one-of-a-kind course, being made available.   

83 New, Updated and Refreshed Titles 

With this release 83 titles have been added to the Ocean Learning Library. Some are new and some have been reviewed and updated to reflect changes to standards or guidance to support ongoing compliance and adoption of best practices. Each of these titles has been visually refreshed and rebuilt from the ground up as micro-learning units. This means each title can now be used more effectively and efficiently allowing learners to consume training in more flexible ways. These smaller bite-sized units are ideal for building learning pathways and are optimised for adaptive learning. With these additional titles we now have over 120 titles available in this new format.  

See the full list of the reviewed and updated titles here


Unparalleled breadth and quality of content

We offer the most comprehensive library of maritime blended learning content ever assembled, with the full spectrum of learning needs covered.

There is good news too for those operating passenger vessels: 

First of its kind Tender Boat Course 

 This update also includes a brand-new Tender Boat course, which was built in collaboration with leading cruise operators. This one of kind certificated training course covers every aspect of tender boat operation. It comprises of 6 modules from launch to recovery, through all areas of operation and passenger management, to emergency procedures and response.  

The course combined with onboard practical training makes it possible to achieve recognised certification while avoiding the travel and accommodation costs of physical attendance courses. 

A full catalogue hospitality titles

The release includes 68 new additional titles from our hospitality content partner Lobster Ink. This means that all 100 hospitality courses are now available, covering everything from front of house to housekeeping, these titles cater to the unique skills needed by those offering premier experiences to cruise guests.  

Our Pledge

All our new titles and major new revisions are made in our latest OTG format which maximises learning efficiency and effectiveness by providing bite sized micro-learning units designed for today’s learner to study onboard, online and on the move via our mobile app.

Are you up to date?

We send out summary emails like this every time we add or update tiles in the Ocean Learning Library. If you would like to receive updates yourself or know someone who should be receiving this information, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Please remember to check that you have the most up-to-date version of titles on your onboard installations. New and updated titles can be accessed through the online version of OLP, but you may need to manually update content onboard. Please get in touch with us if you are unsure how to check if you have the most up-to-date version of a title.

New and Rivised Titles Q4 2023

Please see the full list of New and Revised titles in our Q4 Release below.

Title  Title Name Version info Languages (Voice over) Languages (Text/subtitles)
0002 Ship general safety Major revision English English;Chinese;Russian;Portuguese (Brazil);Turkish;Spanish
0004 SOPEP Rewrite English English;Chinese;Russian;Portuguese (Brazil);Turkish
0005 ISM Code Minor revision English English;Chinese;Russian;Portuguese (Brazil);Turkish;Spanish;French;Italian;Korean;Norwegian
0035 Port state control inspections Major revision English English
0115 Security awareness Major revision English English;Chinese;Russian;Portuguese (Brazil);Turkish;Spanish;Italian;Korean
0122 ISO 14001 Environmental Management Major revision English;Chinese;Russian;Portuguese (Brazil);Turkish English;Chinese;Russian;Portuguese (Brazil);Turkish
0141 SEEMP Part II, The IMO DCS and EU MRV Major revision English English
0193 MLC 2006, Shipowner’s responsibilities Minor revision English English
0218 Oil record book part 1 Minor revision English English
0225 Personal survival, Familiarisation Major revision English English;Chinese;Russian;Portuguese (Brazil);Turkish;Spanish;Korean
0226 Personal survival, Survival craft Major revision English English;Chinese;Russian;Portuguese (Brazil);Turkish;Korean
0227 Personal survival, Rescue and abandoning ship Major revision English English;Chinese;Russian;Portuguese (Brazil);Turkish;Korean
0288 Inventory of Hazardous Materials, IHM and EU SRR Minor revision English English
0306 Incident investigation, Cause and effect Rewrite English;Chinese;Spanish;French English;Chinese;Portuguese (Brazil);Spanish;French;Italian;Norwegian
0307 Incident investigation, Investigation techniques Rewrite English;Chinese;Spanish;French English;Chinese;Portuguese (Brazil);Spanish;French;Italian;Norwegian
0346 Bulk carriers, Personal safety and environmental protection Minor revision English English
0348 Bulk carrier voyage Minor revision English English
0367 IMO GHG Reduction measures, CII and EEXI Minor revision English English
0387 Enclosed space entry, Hazard awareness and preparations for entry Major revision English English;Chinese;Spanish;French;Korean
0388 Enclosed space entry, The entry operation Major revision English English;Chinese;Spanish;French;Korean
0389  Enclosed space entry, Emergencies and rescue Major revision English English;Chinese;Spanish;French;Korean
0391 Fatigue management Major revision English English;Chinese;Russian;Spanish
0399 Fatigue management, Good leadership Major revision English English
0417 Low Sulphur fuel operation Major revision English English
0418 Bilge water separator, Part 1 Major revision English English
0419 Bilge water separator, Part 2 Major revision English English
0436 SIRE 2.0, Preparing for inspection Major revision English English;Chinese
0437 SIRE 2.0, Pre-inspection and documentation Major revision English English;Chinese
0438 SIRE 2.0, The ship inspection Major revision English English;Chinese
0439 SIRE 2.0, The closing meeting Major revision English English;Chinese
0456.01 Tender Boat Operator, Launching and recovery New title English English
0456.02 Tender Boat Operator, Engine operation and instrumentation New title English English
0456.03 Tender Boat Operator, Passenger handling New title English English
0456.04 Tender Boat Operator, Communication and navigational equipment New title English English
0456.05 Tender Boat Operator, Operation and maneuvering New title English English
0456.06 Tender Boat Operator, Emergency procedures New title English English
0457.01 Ballast Water Management, The problem Minor revision English English;Chinese;Bahasa (Indonesia)
0457.02 Ballast Water Management, The BWM Convention Minor revision English English;Chinese;Bahasa (Indonesia)
0457.03 Ballast Water Management, Preparing a Ballast Water Management Plan Minor revision English English;Chinese;Bahasa (Indonesia)
0457.05 Ballast Water Management, The BWM Plan and  Record Book Minor revision English English;Chinese;Bahasa (Indonesia)
0457.06 Ballast Water Management, The Exchange method Major revision English English;Chinese;Bahasa (Indonesia)
0472.02 Tanker fire-fighting, Handling and transportation hazards Minor revision English English
0472.03 Tanker fire-fighting, Agents and equipment Minor revision English English
0502 Human behaviours, How did that happen? Major revision English English;Chinese
0537 Medical First Aid Major revision English English
0547.01 The human element, The deadly dozen Minor revision English English
0547.02 The human element, Gas cylinder accident Minor revision English English
0547.03 The human element, Fatal mooring incident Minor revision English English
0547.04 The human element, Enclosed space fatality Minor revision English English
0547.05 The human element, Man overboard Minor revision English English
0547.06 The human element, Reckless Pilot Minor revision English English
0547.07 The human element, Pump room explosion Minor revision English English
0547.08 The human element, Collisions in traffic Minor revision English English
0548 Seafarers’ Mental health and wellbeing Minor revision English
0549 Maritime Wellbeing, Stepping Stones to Health and Wellbeing Minor revision English
0551 Slips, trips and falls Major revision English English;Chinese
0555 Workshop safety Major revision English English;Chinese
0576 Use of PPE Major revision English English;Chinese;Spanish
0581 Toolbox talk Major revision English English
0583 Oil spill response Major revision English English
0585 Electric shock Major revision English English;Chinese
0591 Effective fire drills Major revision English English;Chinese
0592 Effective lifeboat drills Major revision English English
0593 Effective security drills Major revision English English
0604 Eye protection Major revision English English;Chinese;Russian
0606 Hearing protection Major revision English English;Chinese
0638 SEEMP Part III Minor revision English English
0641.06 Service on Ships Subject to the IGF Code, Operation, Maintenance and Safe Working Practices Minor revision English English
0644.01 Shipboard Security Officer, Introduction Minor revision English English
0644.02 Shipboard Security Officer, Security – Organisation and Responsibilities Minor revision English English
0644.03 Shipboard Security Officer, Security On Board – Planning and Management Minor revision English English
0644.04 Shipboard Security Officer, Security On Board – Routine Defences Minor revision English English
0644.05 Shipboard Security Officer, Emergencies Minor revision English English
0644.06 Shipboard Security Officer, Shipboard Security Video Minor revision English English
0647.10 Environmental Officer, Handling Environmental Incidents Minor revision English English
0684 Introduction to new fuel types – LNG, Ammonia, Hydrogen and Methanol Minor revision English English
0812 Cyber Security Major revision English English
0819 Diversity and Inclusion at Sea Major revision English English
4150 Norwegian maritime rules and regulations Minor revision English English
9002 Lifeboat familiarisation Minor revision
9003 Firefighting, Making the right choice Minor revision English English
9009 Drug and alcohol, Say no Minor revision English English
9011 Bad practice Minor revision


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