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OTG releases new e-learning resource to help onboard and shore based teams understand & assess behavioural competence

PRESS RELEASE 5th Oct, 2022

It is widely understood that a ship’s safe, efficient operation relies heavily on the crew’s competence, which can be broken down into technical and non-technical skills. Whereas best practices for assessing technical (hard) skills are well understood, approaches to evaluating non-technical (soft) skills and ‘Behavioural Competence’ are still relatively new. The new e-learning title from Ocean Technologies Group ,“ Behavioural Competency, An Introduction” is designed to close this gap and provide assessors with a clear awareness  of Behavioural Competence, why it was introduced, and how best to assess it.


The title is a valuable new addition to  over 800 titles that make up the Ocean Learning Library which includes titles from the group’s learning brands, Seagull, Videotel, Marlins and MTS alongside those of valued OEMs and 3rd parties. As well as being an excellent resource for anyone looking to fully understand behavioural competency , it also completements OTGs digital competency management system that includes the INTERTANKO ICMG and BCAV standards.

The Intertanko/OCIMF Behavioural Competency and Verification (BCAV) standard was launched in 2020 as best practice guidelines with the aim of aiding the assessment of a seafarer’s non-technical skills against a coherent and consistent framework of competencies. Until its publication, competency management had been focussed on the development and assessment of technical skills, but the attitudes and non-technical skills of seafarers are known to exert a significant influence over how safely, and effectively, ships operate. 

The concept of ‘Behavioural Competence’, and of assessing it, is relatively new to the industry. Many of those onboard do not yet have experience of assessing ‘Behavioural competence’ formally.

Now that BCAV is a recommendation from OCIMF and Intertanko, many companies will now be expected to be actively assessing Behavioural Competence.

The aim of the module is to describe what Behavioural Competence is, why it was introduced, and how best to assess it. This will assist compliance with the general provisions of STCW Section A-I/6, Training and Assessment, which states that “Any person conducting in-service assessment of competence of a seafarer…shall have received appropriate guidance in assessment methods and practice”.

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“This e-learning is an important addition to our library. It is an ideal companion for those following BCAV in our competency management system as well as a useful resource for anyone that wants to understand the topic in more detail,”

said Knut Mikalsen OTG’s Director of Learning Solutions.

Raal Harris OTGs Chief Creative Officer continued:

“When talking to customers, behavioural competency assessment is always an area that comes up as needing support. Assessing so-called soft skills isn’t easy to do, but it’s becoming increasingly important to safe operations as well as creating an effective workplace culture in which people can develop and thrive.”

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Unparalleled breadth and quality of content. We offer the most comprehensive library of maritime blended learning content ever assembled.
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