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Wärtsilä Voyage

Cloud Simulation

Wärtsilä Voyage Cloud Simulation for Shipowner-managers  and operators

Using the risk-free environment of a simulator to train, prepare and assess crew is the most effective way to ensure that seafarers have the mission critical skills and competencies they need to perform.

 Ocean Learning Platform with Wärtsilä Voyage Cloud Simulation is a cost-effective, rapidly deployable, and endlessly scalable tool for verifying and sharpening seagoing personnel’s critical navigational and engine room skills.

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    Access critical simulator experience, tuition, and assessments, in simulated environments, anywhere in the world.

    The availability, location and cost of maritime simulators often results fewer visits being made and limited to mission-critical training or for reasons of compliance. With online access to both tutor-led simulator training and self-directed simulated scenarios, Ocean Learning Platform with Wärtsilä Voyage Cloud Simulation reduces the cost of simulator time and allows far greater use of this tool for experiential learning.

    Reduce costs and downtime

    Accessing Wärtsilä Voyage Simulation online, though Ocean Learning Platform, reduces the need for travel, time spent away from home, and the associated costs.

    Integrated into the Ocean Learning Platform, Wärtsilä Voyage Cloud Simulation reduces:

    • The need for travel to physical simulators
    • The per diem, travel and lodging and costs associated with residential simulator attendance
    • The amount of time seafarers need to spend away from their family
    • The number of work-hours lost to travel

      Utilise simulators for planning, training, and assessment

      As well as being part of your planned training and assessment programme, the fully online nature of Wärtsilä Voyage Simulation means it can be quickly utilised as a responsive measure.

      Quick and cost-effective access to simulated environments, equipment and scenarios enables more frequent use of simulators, including:

      • For pre-mission planning
      • For pre-employment assessment
      • In response to identified training needs
      • Upskilling existing crew on new equipment, routes or procedures
      • Validating type specific ECDIS knowledge in pre-boarding familiarisation

      Benefit from simulations integrated in your OLP

      Wärtsilä Voyage Simulation is embedded in Ocean Learning Platform, making scheduled sessions and performance a part of learners’ records.

      As part of OLP, simulator training and assessments can be built into learners’ training programme, and enhanced with pre-work and follow-up training in OLP.


      Flexible and always available

      Train your personnel anywhere, at any time and with individually tailored content

      • Instructor schedules session
      • Instructor and Trainees’ receive access links
      • Instructor uploads exercise and delivers the training
      • Debriefing session performed
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        Simulator events can be supported by pre-assessment and e-learning. Learning can be reinforced and evaluated with post-event activities in the same space


        Assign pre-reading, foundational e-learning, assessments to ensure learner is fully prepared


        Attendance, performance and a recording of the session are all logged in the learner’s OLP account.


        Assign follow-up e-learning and assessments to reinforce learning and check knowledge

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