Latest additions to the Ocean Learning Library

Training library updates Q4 2022

As usual our Ocean Learning team have been keeping a close watch on Industry developments to identify new topics and ensuring existing titles on our library are up to date all with the aim of making sure your training needs are covered.

In the most recent update to the Ocean Learning Library, there is important new material on Human Factors to help prepare for the launch of SIRE 2.0, a vital new title and updates to our SEEMP energy saving material as well as a host of new partner material focussed on ship performance and cargo handling. This update also includes the first resource dedicated to reducing the risk of collisions with whales and other cetaceans to help protect the marine habitat.

There are also minor revisions to hazardous goods material and additional French language translations to provide learner support to key titles on Cyber Security, Marine Environmental Awareness and Bullying and Harassment.

Get Ready for SIRE 2.0

SIRE 2.0 is firmly on the horizon and promises to be a real game changer with a digitalise inspection programme transforming how inspections are conducted. It’s important to ensure your crew are prepared with our new and existing SIRE e-learning titles.

SIRE 2.0, Human Factors – New Title

SIRE 2.0 assessments consider the factors influencing the likelihood of human error, such as workplace design, time pressure or workload. Performance Influencing Factors (PIFs) and the criteria that an inspector will use to judge crew performance are detailed in the 5th module in our SIRE 2.0 series, included in this update. This title provides learners with the necessary understanding of SIRE 2.0 and PIFs to identify and demonstrate to an inspector that they meet them.

We also updated our other SIRE titles last year in line with the latest developments to ensure key personnel have the latest learning.

Other SIRE Titles:

 #0436 – SIRE 2.0, Preparing for inspection

#0437 – SIRE 2.0, Pre-inspection and documentation

#0438 – SIRE 2.0, The ship inspection

#0439 – SIRE 2.0, The closing meeting

These e-learning modules are engaging and interactive and provide a comprehensive overview of the entire SIRE 2.0 inspection process with a summative assessment that can be used to evidence learning.


Unparalleled breadth and quality of content

We offer the most comprehensive library of maritime blended learning content ever assembled, with the full spectrum of learning needs covered.

We take a blended approach to content, including e-learning, videos for group viewing, interactivity in assessments and exercises to test the application of knowledge.

Ocean Technology Group can also extend your library with company specific material that you want to distribute, build e-learning to your requirements, and you can even design your own material using our Rapid E-Learning authoring tool.

Ensure your Energy Saving stays on course

As of July 2022, the IMO’s has pushed further forward with a strategy to reduce CO2 emissions

across international shipping, by at least 40% by 2030, pursuing efforts towards 70% by 2050 and a further aim is that the total annual GHG emissions should be reduced by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008. Key to delivering that strategy is the Shipboard Energy Efficiency Management Plan which has undergone a number of revisions, the latest of which is a SEEMP Part 3.

SEEMP Part III – New Title 

There has also been a minor revision to our SEEMP part II title to reflect updates to IMO guidance.

Another important title to consider (if you haven’t already) on IMO GHC reduction measures covers CII and EEXI, both of which have now entered into force.

Our Pledge

All our new titles and major new revisions are made in our latest OTG format which maximises learning efficiency and effectiveness by providing bite sized micro-learning units designed for today’s learner to study onboard, online and on the move via our mobile app.

New Partner Content  

Our team continue to source the most valuable specialist content from OEMS and other trusted OTG partners that you can add to your Ocean Learning Library. This quarter there is a strong focus on ship performance and cargo handling.

Safe Handling of dry bulk cargo – New Titles

Understanding the unique qualities of bulk cargoes and how they will behave during loading, transport, and discharge is critical to ensuring the safety of the crew, vessel, and terminal personnel and mitigating against claims.

Through a new collaboration between OTG and KeelX, it is now possible to utilise KeelX’s cargo-specific training on the safe handling and transportation of coal, cement, and soybeans. The new titles provide learners with information and case studies that enable them to explore multiple dry bulk-specific scenarios, analyse unprecedented real-life situations, and break down recommended solutions.   

    Ship Performance Optimization System

    When performing route planning and optimisation, a master must factor in many variables, including safety, efficiency, navigation, costs, port rotation, ETAs, speed ranges and additional constraints, such as seakeeping. The Ship Performance Optimization System (SPOS) developed by DTN is a decision-supporting system to aid captains when planning routes and performing route optimisation, enabling them to reduce voyage costs while ensuring the safety of crew and ship.

    This update to the Ocean Learning Library includes two new titles to help users of SPOS increase their understanding and get more value out of the system, specifically from the weather routing module and the Seakeeping Ship Motion module (developed in partnership with ABB).

      Safeguarding Whales – New title

      Collisions with ships are one of the greatest known threats to whales, dolphins, and porpoises. This update to the Ocean Learning Library includes e-learning developed by the World Cetacean Alliance that illustrates measures to reduce the likelihood of ship strikes and boat disturbance on cetaceans.

      Relevant to all commercial vessel operators, the learning covered by this title contributes to improved safety for the crew, passengers, vessels, and the wider marine environment.

      What’s planned for Q1 Release

      Our Q1 23 release promises to be one of the biggest yet with a major update to some of our most used titles taking them into our new micro-learning adaptive ready format.

      Are you up to date?

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      Explore new and revised titles

      New titles in this release:

      Title Number Title name Link to the title
      #4182.01 KeelX, Safe Handling and Transportation of Coal view
      #4182.02 KeelX, Safe Handling and Transportation of Cement view
      #4182.03 KeelX, Safe Handling and Transportation of Soybeans view
      #4188.01 DTN, DTN SPOS: become a weather routing expert view
      #4188.02 DTN, DTN SPOS Seakeeping view
      #4169 WCA, Becoming ‘Whale Aware’ view
      #0638 SEEMP Part III view
      #0440 SIRE 2.0, Human Factors view

      Updated titles (Minor and Major Revisions):

      Title Number Title name Update Link to the title
      #4179 Maritime Wellbeing, Stepping Stones to Health and Wellbeing Free title view
      #0141 SEEMP Part II, The IMO DCS and EU MRV Guidance updated view
      #4064 Cyber security, Awareness Translation Added view
      #0394 Marine environmental awareness, Protecting the environment Translation Added view
      #0393 Marine environmental awareness, The diverse environment Translation Added view
      #0390 Harassment and bullying Translation Added view
      #0151 HAZMAT – IMDG Code, Advanced Guidance updated view


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