Ocean Learning Platform – latest additions and revisions

Training library updates Q3 2022

Our most recent update to the Ocean Learning Library covers everything from the fundamentals of seamanship to type-specific learning and safety-critical training. Featuring a combination of OTG-authored content and titles from new partners, this release adds strength and depth to the resources available through OLP.

Focuses for this update include:

Reducing cargo loss

The buoyant container market is seeing vessels operating at, or near, maximum capacity. This surge in demand is also reflected in the number of containers being lost.

You can read more about our collaboration with Navis here.

Improving safety

Flammable liquids, gases or materials and the potential for their ignition pose a significant risk to the lives of the crew and the safety of the ships. This update of the Ocean Learning Library includes four new courses from Trainor. These immersive titles help seafarers to identify and reduce the risks of working in or near EX-areas, helping improve safety onboard.

You can read more about our collaboration with Trainor here.

These titles can also be accessed through the Ocean web shop.

Understanding behavioural competency

It is widely understood that a ship’s safe, efficient operation relies heavily on the crew’s competence, which can be broken down into technical and non-technical skills. Whereas best practices for assessing technical (hard) skills are well understood, approaches to evaluating non-technical (soft) skills and ‘Behavioural Competence’ are still relatively new. This update of the Ocean Learning Library includes a new title designed to close that gap in understanding and provide assessors with a clear understanding of Behavioural Competence, why it was introduced, and how best to assess it.

This e-learning is an ideal companion to our e-BCAV competency content pack and is an excellent resource for anyone looking to understand behavioural competency better.

Building on fundamentals

Continuing our commitment to providing more choice and variation in OLP, this update to the Ocean Learning Library includes titles developed by Dahra Global Technologies and Consultancy Services, in response to the risk to safety posed by insufficient knowledge of seamanship or navigation when taking a ship to the sea or coming alongside. The 21 e-learning titles cover seamanship fundamentals, navigation, ship handling, COLREGS and communication.

Sharpening ECDIS skills

ECDIS is an essential tool for safe passage planning and execution, with each market system operating slightly differently. This update to the Ocean Learning Library includes an e-learning module from Chartworld on their eGlobe G2 ECDIS, providing crews with a valuable resource for sharpening their skills, and preparing for navigational audits and vettings through type-specific learning.

Bringing together the best of OTG

As part of our continuing work to combine elements from the Marlins, MTS, Seagull and Videotel content to provide you with the ‘best-of-all-worlds’, this release includes refreshed visuals for our Galley Operations and Hygiene title and the addition of Mandarin and French translations.


Unparalleled breadth and quality of content

We offer the most comprehensive library of maritime blended learning content ever assembled, with the full spectrum of learning needs covered.

We take a blended approach to content, including e-learning, videos for group viewing, interactivity in assessments and exercises to test the application of knowledge.

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New titles in this release:
Title Number Title name
#0503 Behavioural Competency, Introduction view
#0632 Container Loss view
#0827 Nitrogen Based Inert Gas Systems view
#4170 Chartworld, Onboard Familiarisation System (OFS) type-specific familiarisation for eGlobe G2 ECDIS view
#4180.01 Dahra, Seamanship, Basic Knots view
#4180.02 Dahra, Seamanship, Intermediate Knots view
#4180.03 Dahra, Seamanship, Advanced Knots view
#4180.04 Dahra, Seamanship, Whipping view
#4180.05 Dahra, Seamanship, Seizing view
#4180.06 Dahra, Seamanship, Splicing view
#4180.07 Dahra, Seamanship, Anchor Work view
#4180.08 Dahra, Seamanship, Anchoring (Letting go Anchor) view
#4180.09 Dahra, Navigation, Blind Pilotage view
#4180.10 Dahra, Navigation, Types of fixes view
#4180.11 Dahra, Navigation, Tides view
#4180.12 Dahra, Navigation, Meteorology view
#4180.13 Dahra, Ship Handling and Naval Operations, Propellers and Their Sideways Effects view
#4180.14 Dahra, Navigation, Turning Circle view
#4180.15 Dahra, Navigation, Radian Rule view
#4180.16 Dahra, Navigation, Insight to Stars view
#4180.17 Dahra, Navigation, Stars and Constellations view
#4180.18 Dahra, Navigation, Stars for Marine Navigation view
#4180.19 Dahra, COLREG, Risk of Collision view
#4180.20 Dahra, Communication, Maritime Flags view
#4180.21 Dahra, Communication, Semaphore and Flashing view
#4190.01 Trainor, Ex – IEC/ISO marking of mechanical equipment view
#4190.02 Trainor, Ex – IECEx marking of electrical equipment view
#4190.03 Trainor, Ex – Safe behavior in hazardous areas view
#4190.04 Trainor, Ex – Fundamentals view
Updated titles in this release:

Title Number Title name
#0221 Galley operations, Hygiene view
#0802 Roles and Responsibilities of the Cruise Ship Safety Officer view
#0821 Humanitarian Response view
#0823 Marine Safety for Non-Seafarers view
#0826 Fire Fighting Equipment and Maintenance view
#0879 Conflict Management, The three phases of managing disagreements view
#0880 Risk Normalization: Man Overboard view
#0881 Harassment and bullying, Prevention view
#0882 Creating a Strong Safety Culture view
#0883 Handling the Media, dos and dont’s view
#0884 Ship Stability: Basic Concepts view
#0885 Ship Stability: Terms and Definitions view
#0886 Lessons Learnt, Fall from a Generator Platform view
#0887 Lessons Learnt, Collision with a Fishing Vessel view
#0888 Lessons Learnt, Death of a Bosun view
#0890 ISPS Code view
#0892 Lessons Learnt, Mooring Injury view
#0893 Concentration view
#0894 Anger Management view
#0895 Lessons Learnt, Crew Injury in Heavy Weather view
#0896 Lessons Learnt, Collision When Overtaking view
#0897 Shifting Ro-Ro Cargo in Heavy Weather view
#0898 Immersion Suit Training view
#4150 Norwegian maritime rules and regulations view
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