Why should you invest in CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) enables maritime professionals to take control of their learning and development to improve skills, knowledge, experience and career progression.

It is very hard for anyone to tell you what a good CPD plan for you is, and it needs to be carefully and considerately managed. Make sure you have enough time, you have budgeted, and you stick to your plan and know what to learn. Here are our top ten reasons for CPD


  1. Keep ahead of the pack: Self-improvement is important, but even more so if those around you are doing the same. Standing still is falling astern if you are working where everyone else is committing to CPD. CPD means keeping moving ahead in the race for promotions, or new jobs.
  2. Make Your Path: There is no formal industry-wide CPD requirement for seafaring or in the maritime industry, though professional roles such as law or accounting do require it. This means that those who do invest are at a massive advantage over the rest.
  3. Maintaining and enhancing knowledge and skills: Those who perform well tend to advance over the rest. CPD gives the skills and knowledge that are visible to others, and it is easy for superiors in a company to spot the talent coming through.
  4. Stay up to date with changing trends: Ships are changing, and the whole maritime industry too. From issues such as the environment, through to massive advances in technology, the seafarers and maritime professionals who know what is going on, who understand it, and can manage change will excel. Current knowledge and skills will become outdated if you are unable keep up with the pace of change, CPD allows you to do just that.
  5. Become more effective in the workplace: Increased and enhanced knowledge means that those who commit and invest in CPD become more effective in the workplace. Whether on ship or ashore, this helps increase the chance of career progression, where you can lead, manage and mentor others.
  6. A Sense of direction and purpose: With CPD, you can stay interested and engaged with your profession, you can understand where you fit in and where you want to get to. The more you know, the more you want to know – and this passion and enthusiasm are clear for all to see.
  7. Increased understanding of the implications of your work: Shipping is a complex industry, and CPD can help you understand how it all fits together. This increased knowledge can lead to increased engagement in your work.
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8. Marlins website Help advance knowledge and technology: By investing in CPD, you can stay at speed with knowledge and technology used within the profession, and even help to enhance it further. Seafarers can see how technology is working and help those ashore understand and apply changes to make shipping ever safer, cleaner and more efficient.
9. Gives access to experts: Through investing in self-development, you can build knowledge through opportunities to speak with experts in the profession. Growing a network has never been easier with social media, and through this those embarking on CPD and seeking knowledge will engage, and receive insight and support from industry experts.
10. Outside impact of CPD: CPD is something that has the potential to help not only the individual embarking on it, but it can boost the entire industry and companies too.

So, plan your CPD today, and put your career on course for success with the help of Ocean Technologies Group and our courses and learning resources.

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