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OTG Imabari Seminar 2023

Technology ashore and aboard presents opportunities to make maritime HR manageable, reduce workloads, and make our industry a more attractive proposition for the people we need. 

At this event, you will find out more about how technology can be leveraged to find, build and retain talent, and support our maritime professionals onboard and ashore in the vital work they do. 

The agenda includes presentations from the OTG team, practical demonstrations along with Q&A sessions, and concludes with drinks reception and canapes. 

15th of Septrember 2023
Imabari Kokusai Hotel, room “Shinju”
2-3-4 Asahi-Cho, Imabari-chi, Ehime 794-8522,
Japan 794-0042 

15:30 – 20:30


15.30 – 16.00


Refreshments / Snacks 

16.00 – 16.30

Ocean Technologies Group, a technology provider and partner to help you bridge the gap between your ship and your most critical asset – its crew Alex Ponomarev, Area Sales Director for APAC | OTG 

Alex will open proceedings with an opening address and words of welcome before providing an overview of Ocean Technologies Group, with a focus on the ways in which we are supporting companies in the region with solutions to challenges particular to the Japanese maritime sector.  

Increased regulation and demand for reporting, combined with more competition for crew  are driving Japanese ship owners, operators and managers to explore digital solutions. Alex will investigate the advantages offered by taking a joined-up view of digitalisation, and outline the scalability and flexibility offered through OTG’s suite of solutions. By demonstrating the seamless links between Fleet Management, Crew Management, and Learning and Assessment solutions, he will show how to ensure that you have the people you need, with the right skills, where and when you need them. 

16.30 – 17.00

Take control of your crewing, compliance, and costs with a maritime HR approach –  Christopher Brière, Head of Sales Japan | OTG

The market for skilled crew is becoming ever more competitive, and securing the talent needed to crew vessels is becoming increasingly costly. Following on from Satish, Christopher will demonstrate how the digitalisation of crewing processes can improve your links with manning agents to ensure you have the people you need to run your vessels effectively. He will also show how Compas provides you with visibility of compliance risks when planning crewing, and where it helps you to control travel costs. Christopher will also demonstrate how empowering crew with information can help to attract and retain higher quality crew and where digitalisation can reduce workload for your teams onboard and in the office.  

17.00– 17.30

How to truly excel by leaving the spreadsheets behind –  Satish Kanakasabai, Regional Director | OTG 

In today’s fast-paced business environment, information management is critical to the success of any organisation and effective information management is necessary for coordinating navigation, cargo operations, and compliance with international regulations. While Excel spreadsheets have been the default for managing data and information for many years, they can be limiting when it comes to handling complex data sets, collaboration, and scalability. 

Satish will lead the solution presentations by illustrating how a digital and connected approach to fleet management, including planned maintenance, procurement, and HSEQ. Offering real-world examples of how software solutions have helped businesses improve their information management processes, Satish will demonstrate increasing productivity and reducing costs. Additionally, we will highlight the benefits of software solutions in terms of data security, automation, and analytics. 


17.30 – 18.00

Reducing risk and maximising performance with Ocean Learning Platform –  Toshinobu Yamasaki San, Area Sales Manager | OTG

Yamasaki San will conclude the presentations from the OTG team by outlining how our multi-award-winning Ocean Learning Platform can be used in your crew section, development, and promotion processes. He will demonstrate how an integrated approach to crewing and development helps ensure your seafarers meet the standards you set and have the knowledge they need to operate your vessels safely and effectively. Building on Christopher’s presentation, Yamasaki San will also show how the tools in OLP for planning and supporting career development can be used to improve your chances of retaining your high-performing individuals.  

Yamasaki San will provide an overview of the most recent additions to the OLP content library and the new tools available in OLP, including the recently updated mobile app that allows crew to complete their training on the move, even when they are offline.  

18.00 – 18.10

Closing remarks and thanks

18.30 – 20.30

Networking / Cocktail session and canapes 

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